TekNmotion 4 Piece CD/DVD Storage Case Combo

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  • 4-piece CD/DVD combo solution for all your needs
  • Sturdy, high-quality disc storage for CDs, DVDs, games, music or movies
  • Soft sleeve lining protects discs from scratches and environmental exposure
  • Rugged and durable, with reinforced handle for portability 
  • Safeguards and organizes your CDs, and DVDs

If you're like most of us your CDs and DVDs are all over the place; at home, your car, the office or who knows where. It seems like the disc you want is always missing and never organized -until now! TekNmotion's new CD/DVD Storage Case Solution has it ALL! This cleverly designed 4 Piece Bundle comes with: a 256 binder for home or travel, 2 travel wallets - a 32 and 64 disc capacity and a 12 disc visor that organizes your favorite discs right at your finger tips

Getting organized and staying that way is easier than you think. Forget about lost, scratched, or permanently damaged discs. With the Teknmotion 256, 64, 32 and 12 Disc Visor Combo your favorite discs will be protected, organized, and right at your fingertips. Each of the soft inner sleeves is designed to protect your discs from moisture and scratches. Additional features include a convenient hand strap on top along with a zippered front pouch or other small items like flash drives, memory cards, or even a small MP3 player. 

Protect and Organize Movies, Music, and Games

TekNmotion disc cases are an ideal solution for protecting and transporting your favorite media, including music CDs, DVD and Blu-ray movies, and game discs for Xbox, PlayStation 3, and the Wii

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Includes a 4 piece assortment of the most popular TekNmotion cases