TekNmotion Headsetter - Headphones to Headset Cable

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With the XJacKer Headsetter cable, you can instantly turn your Beats, Monster®, Philips, Sony®, Skullcandy®, V-Moda, or other headphone into the best-sounding and most-comfortable PC headset you've ever owned.

Just plug one end into your awesome headphones, then plug the other end into your equally awesome PC.  It's just that simple!  There are no drivers to install, and it works right out of the box.


Featuring an easy-to-reach AMBIDEXTEROUS volume control for quick level adjustments, a secure mute switch for guaranteed privacy, and a ultra-high-sensitivity (-45dB) built-in mic - the Headsetter offers you every feature a standard PC headset should have.

Headphones must feature a single 3.5mm stereo jack (for detachable cables) in order to be compatible with the XJacKer Headsetter.  



  • 8-foot long Headsetter cable 
  • Built-in Mic with mute switch
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm TRS plug 
  • Velcro cable-management wrapper
  • Supports Beats, Sony, V-Moda, Phillips and more